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Registered-Agent.com is owned my MyCorporation, and businesses have been relying on our expertise and business knowledge for over 15 years. Our service is the most affordable and most reliable registered agent service available. We handle all of the paperwork necessary to get set up with an agent. We also offer an annual renewal service option for any business who want to avoid a lapse in service, ensuring that you never fall out of good standing with the state.

Get the piece of mind you deserve and protect your privacy and public image by investing in the most trusted registered agent service.

The benefits of Registered-Agent.com include:

  • We complete and file all of the necessary paperwork for you
  • We can act as your registered agent in all 50 states
  • Our service can be automatically renewed so you stay in good standing
  • We respond quickly to any incoming service of process on your behalf
  • Our friendly staff make the process quick and painless
Order our registered agent service today starting at only $120
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