Should I get a registered agent outside my home state?

Understanding Foreign Qualification requirements.

All states require you to maintain a registered agent to act as a point of contact with the state. Part of that requirement is that the agent maintain a physical location within that state. This means that if you have foreign qualified to do business in another state, (let's use the example of Nevada), then you must maintain a registered agent in Nevada. That also means that a registered agent with a physical location in Nevada cannot act as a registered agent in New York.

This also pertains to businesses who conduct business in multiple states, you must maintain multiple registered agents corresponding to each state you are foreign qualified in. If you are planning on operating your business in 5 states, then you would also need 5 registered agents or a registered agent service that maintains a location in all of those states.

With our registered agent service, we can help you meet all of your registered agent requirements by acting as your agent in every state you operate in, saving you time and money. We notify you immediately whenever any service of process or state notifications are received.

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Should I Get a Registered Agent Outside My Home State?